First Time Home Buyers

I would personally like to Congratulate all potential first time home buyers, for deciding to purchase your first home, this is a big step and a large investment for all first time home buyers. Most of us spend years working and saving before we are able to invest in a home and can’t afford to make any costly mistakes during the first time home buyers experience.

You are making a wise investment decision by seeking the opinion of a licensed home inspector for a professional unbiased evaluation of the subject property condition. Inspectors at Top Notch Home Inspections have worked with hundreds of first time home buyers helping them through the sometimes, overwhelming  experience  most first time home buyers will go through.  

Inspectors at Top Notch Home Inspections will take their time during the home inspection; we will do the home inspection at your pace, explaining all the workings of the home during this time while pointing out and documenting all adverse conditions throughout the home.

After the home inspection, we will compile all the information obtained during the home inspection and input this information into our home inspection software, after which we will generate a professional home inspection report that details the condition of the subject property. Our reporting system software follows the pattern of the onsite physical inspection allowing the first time home buyers to easily understand the report findings.   

Our job does not end there; we make ourselves available by phone or e-mail to all of our clients, if you are unsure of the report findings we will be happy to go through the report with you and explain all the details until you are satisfied. 

Again congratulations and welcome to home ownership you are about to experience the American dream.  

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