The Inspection Process

home inspection services
Your report will include pictures of the exterior of the house. We take pictures of most problems that would be considered a large concern and we can also insert complimentary pictures of any room in the house at your request.
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Your home inspection services include a comperhensive visual examination of the readily accessible elements and components.




roof inspection services

1. Roof Inspection:

The inspector will report on the, Roof covering, Flashings, Skylights, Plumbing vents, Roof vents, Roof drainage system, and the condition of the visible section of the Chimney.



exterior inspection services

2. Exterior Inspection:

The inspector will report on the, Wall cladding, flashing and trim, Eaves, soffits and fascias, Doors, Windows, Foundation, Decks, Balconies, Stoops, Steps, Porches and Applicable Railings, Vegetation, Grading, Drainage, Service entrance cable, Outlets and Fixtures, Driveways, Patios, Walkways and Retaining walls.



garage inspection services

3.Garage Inspection:

The inspector shall report on the, Garage door operation, Separtion walls, ceilings and doors between the dwelling unit and any attached garage, General condition, Polarity and grounding of receptacles.



basement inspection services

 4. Basement Inspection:

The inspector shall report on the, Foundation (structural and report on abnormal or harmful water penetration) Basement floor, Columns or piers, Beams, Joist, Ceilings, Insulation, Vapor Retarders, Ventilation, Basement stairs and Bulkhead access.



heating inspection services

 5. Heating Inspection:

The inspector shall report on the,   Heating equipment, Normal operating controls, Automatic safety controls and switches, Chimney and smoke pipe connection, Heating distribution system, Fuel storge and distribution system, Past service infomation.



air conditioning inspection services

7.Central AC Inspection:

The inspector shall report on the, Exterior components, Normal operating controls, Distribution system, Presence of a cooling source in each room, Interior components.




8. Electrical System Inspection:                         electrical inspection services

 The inspector shall report on the, Main over current device, Main distribution panel, Branch circuit conductors, Overcurrent devices and compatibility of their amperage and voltage, Grounding equipment, Location of main and distribution panels.




plumbing inspection services

9. Plumbing System Inspection

The inspector shall report on the, Interior drain, waste and vent system, Interior water supply and distribution system, Main water shut-off device, Sump pump, Washer and dryer hook-up, Well equipment.




water heater inspection services

10. Water Heater Inspection 

The inspector shall report on the, Hot water system, Controls, Cold water shut-off valve, Temperature pressure relief valve, Flue and vent connection, Vacuum breaker valve, Wiring for electric water heaters.



interior inspection services

11. Interior Inspection

The inspector shall report on the, Ceilings, Walls, Floors, A representative number of Doors, Windows, and Skylights, Presence of heat source in each room, Counters and a representative number of cabinets, Steps, Stairways, Balconies, railings, Kitchen plumbing, Operation of GFCI’s, and Fixtures, inspect Gas firelogs,  Fireplaces and wood stoves.



bathroom inspection services

12. Bathrooms Inspection

The inspector shall report on the, Ceilings, walls, Floors, Doors, windows, Sink and cabinetry, Toilet, Shower and bath, Exhaust fan, Electrical outlets, fixtures, Spa’s, and Water pressure.




 13. Attic Inspectionattic inspection services

 The inspector shall report on the, Attic access, Roof structure, attic insulation,  vapor retarders, Visible electrical problems, Visible section of the chimney and any evidence of pest.